About Us

With the passage of the time and all the technology around us we have seen how people have lost gesture of giving fresh flowers, that is why we want to encourage trough our gist go back to give a present that is more than flowers, giving it to you with the right care on our delivery.

why lulu´s


Our aim is give to you a special and different service and at the same time go back the romanticism era, encourage you to give our delicates pieces, with the goal that don´t be only flowers and with the pass of the time they could have a nice souvenir.

Graduation’s Day


As parent nothing bring to you more proud than see your Children’s graduation, is like a flash back to all the moments you spend together.

Let them now that you really appreciate all their effort with something special than they can keep for a long time.

More than…


We trying hard to offer you something out of the box, something that you can give to that special person and can keep for years with the beauty and finesse of the flowers.

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